OP, ZS & 三強本命。Alpha Female: 感情抖S床上抖M.

Another day waking up in a empty house. The sunshine in Taiwan is totally blinding me. Weather here is steady and sunny all day long, hot also. Ah, I hate sweating but I also hate a sticky rainning day. I guess Taiwan suits me better despite its comfortable life style , it drives me crazy. Guangzhou is better in this perspective, but the weather is apparently being injured because of the global warming I guess...

BTW, I have trapped in dormitory for like 5 days, eating crazy and coffee everyday. My friend told me coffee only make u feel more stressful. Yeah, I know that. I said, "Yeah, I just want to see how far I could go with this life style. " She said, "Well, I could see ur dead body then. " I laughed and sipped my coffee again.